Staying Alive and Well (LeDeR Programme)

Logo designed by Darren Barnes

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What is the Staying Alive and Well group?

My team at Kingston & St George’s University is part of a Consortium led by King’s College London. We have been commissioned by NHS England to support the National Learning Disability and Autism Programme to reduce inequalities and premature mortality among learning disabled and autistic people. This involved analysing the data of the Learning from Deaths of People with a Learning Disability (LeDeR) programme, which reviews deaths of people with learning disabilities, looks at their life and the health and social care services they received.

At my end, we will use our skills in co-research and co-production to lead the Co-Production Partnership, working the Foundation of People with Learning Disabilities, the Estia Centre and Pathways Associates.

At the heart of the partnership is an expert core group of around six people with learning disabilities (and people who support them), who meet together on Zoom once a month. Their role includes identifying areas that need further attention, harnessing the views of other people with learning disabilities on pertinent issues, contributing to the identification of recommendations, and communicating the LeDeR findings to a wider audience including people with learning disabilities.

It is important for people with learning disabilities to be involved in the LeDeR programme. They are at the heart of all this. They need to be listend to, not just be a number but to be involved and taken seriously. We will be able to help everyone understand how things can be improved.

Richard Keagan-Bull
Research Assistant, Kingston & St George’s University
Core Member of Consortium Team

Art competition: design our logo

At the start of 2022, we held an art competition for people with learning disabilities and autistic people across England. We received lots of wonderful entries. The winning logo (at the top of this page) was by Darren Barnes. Here are some of the runners-up!

Peter Allum

Tonbridge & Tonbridge Wells Day Services

Louise Darlington

Stuart Hand