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Irene and her team are WINNERS of the 2021 University Alliance Award for co-producing learning events on end-of-life and bereavement support for people with intellectual disabilities during the pandemic.

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Kingston University & St George’s, University of London
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
Cranmer Terrace
London SW17 0RE


About this website
This website contains information about my research and projects, links to publications and other resources, and my blog.
All opinions expressed on this website, including the blog, are my own. Please be aware that the content on this site is not intended to constitute professional advice. Circumstances vary from person to person, and independent advice should always be sought.

About intellectual disabilities
On this website, I have mostly used the term intellectual disabilities, which is recognised internationally. However, in the UK, the term learning disabilities is often used and means exactly the same. In a UK context, I sometimes use this term. Click here for further information about intellectual disabilities.

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